Maximize Your Healing Capabilities With The First Clinically Proven Stem Cell Supplement!

Improve Your Health, Your Energy, and Feel Younger with Stem-Kine.

What is Stem-Kine?

Stem-Kine is the world's first stem cell supplement clinically proven to increase circulating stem cells for an extended period of time

Supports Body's Stem Cells

Stem-Kine nutritionally increases the release of your body's own stem cells into your blood stream, where they can be used to help your body heal

Supports Natural Healing Mechanisms

Stem cells are your body's natural healing mechanism. By taking Stem-Kine you are increasing your body's ability to heal itself quicker and more effectively

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Our Stem Cell Supplement Is Backed By Research

Clinically Proven to Increase Your Stem Cells by up to 100%!

Proven Health Benefits

Numerous studies demonstrate a direct, positive correlation between the number of circulating stem cells and health, wellness and regenerative capabilities. Increased circulating stem cells, such as those impacted by Stem-Kine, assist in combating the signs and symptoms of aging.

  • Improved complexion
  • A heightened sense of well-being
  • Improved hair and nail growth
  • Improved circulation

Proven in Human Studies

Other supplements have studies on fruit flies or in petri dishes. We have demonstrated Stem-Kine's potency in human clinical trials, the only way to truly demonstrate whether or not a supplement actually works!

The links below take you to the free peer-reviewed journal articles that contain the human research behind Stem-Kine!

Clinical Trial #1 Clinical Trial #2

2 weeks of supplementation with Stem-Kine results in a 100% increase in the amount of endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs)!

Stem-Kine increased the amount of CD-133 hematopoietic stem cells significantly over control levels!